Hot Peppered Beef Jerky (8oz packs)

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We only use lean, trimmed Beef top rounds for our jerky; slice to 3/8" thickness.  When you get our jerky there is something there to bit into. We have three (3) different flavors to choose from. All of our jerky has the same base flavor.

"Hot" Red Pepper Jerky… We started with our plain base and sprinkle cayenne pepper onto each and every piece before we smoke it.  Since we are human and some days the pepper wants to come out of the container faster than we prefer, you may have a piece or two that has lots of hot pepper on it and some with just the right amount. 


Ingredients: Beef, water, Soy sauce( water, wheat, soybeans, and salt ) Worcestershire Sauce (water, high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, salt & Worcestershire seasonings), sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite, onion powder, garlic salt & spices