Home-Cured Smoked Sliced Bacon

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Our bacon is unique and is made the old fashion way, dry-cured… no water added, and then smoked several days with a combination of different woods to give it that unique taste like no others.  Try it and see why so many people love our bacon.

 We handpick and trim each and every pork belly so that we have quality pork bellies to cure, and with that, we get quality home-cured bacon.  Since our bacon never has any water added to them, this means you get more slices of bacon per pound than the traditional bacon you can buy in the supermarkets.  More BACON.. everyone loves MORE BACON.

 We slice our bacon approximately 1/8" thick. This way you have some bacon on your plate for breakfast.   

Ingredients: Pork, Salt, Sugar, & Sodium Nitrite